King Post

King Post is a stylish and modern cocktail bar with a progressive selection of concoctions that appeals to the most discerning taste buds. Combining the craftsmanship of bartending and the artistry of experimental mixology techniques, classic recipes are reinterpreted with contemporary flair. Apart from mesmerizing cocktails one can also find their regular favorites here. And for wine lovers, red, white or bubbly our extensive wine selection is definitely bound to complement your personal tastes.

King Post has the perfect setting for singles, private discussions and larger gatherings over coffee or cocktails. The bar creates a perfect ambience to unwind as it is cozy, comfortable and intimate.Make your way down and experience a true retreat amidst an urban jungle.

  • travel assistance

  • 24 hrs room service

  • flexible stay options

  • free wifi

  • offer for the day

  • 24 / 7 Travel Desk

  • Guest Preference